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  • How is your product traditional?
    We source everything we sell from producers who are genuinely making stuff as per traditional ways. We have spend thousands of hours in last few years trying to satisfy ourselves of the need of good products.
  • What is Bilona method?
    Bilona ghee refers to a method of making ghee, where a wooden beater called -Bilona' is used to churn out butter from the curd, and then the butter is cooked on a slow flame to make ghee.
  • Why is this so expensive?
    A2 cow ghee looks expensive compared to other products which look like it. But its not the same. 1. Daily milk giving capacity of domestic breed of cows is lower than hybrid cows which is used to make most of the other ghee. 2. Ghee making process by bilona is time consuming and requires lot of material, care and effort 3. For every litre of ghee, around 25 to 30 litres of milk may be used.
  • Are the cows grass fed, free of harmful injections?
    Yes, domestic breed of cows are fed natural feed like grass and local herbs, sometimes more ayurvedic herbs are added by passionate farmers to increase their health and wellbeing.
  • Why is A2 cow better?
    Cows native to Indian subcontinent so are resilient to many diseases due to evolution over thousands of years. They are called A2 due to a presence of a certain protein unique to subcontinent. That's what makes them special and more. Compare that to mix breed or hybrid cows which have been around for only few decades since 60s or 70s some even lesser.
  • What is A2 cow ghee?
    As already mentioned, A2 Desi Cow Ghee is the purest form of ghee made entirely from the milk extracted from desi cows. It is prepared by following the traditional bilona or churning method. Firstly, the milk is boiled, made to curd and then hand-churned to extract butter which is then slow cooked over fire or modern gas stoves to give ghee.
  • What is Subscribe?
    When you subscribe to a product, payment for the product is automatically charged to your payment method and product is delivered to you every time without you ordering for it. You save time in re-ordering it every time.
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