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Tradition and Us

A2 Desi Cows

Roots Matter

Village Affair started with a simple idea of ensuring we get the natural foods and consume them the way nature offered to us without any artificial or harmful additions. The roots of the creators lie in villages of India and believe in Indian systems of Ayurveda, Yoga and traditional systems of harmonious living with nature.

Traditional Luxury

We believe good food is a luxury and like all luxury items it needs to be treasured and relished.

Village Affair brings food sourced from farms of our country to customers who appreciate the fine taste.

Our A2 cow ghee enrich all your senses by their true natural hue, aroma which fills your home, traditional satisfying taste, the crackle of cooking, remind you of the warmth of the wood fire.

Natural and Local Producers

Village Affair believes in responsible sourcing of natural artisanal and traditional food. We work with our network of growers, farmers, veterinarians, experts, scientists to ensure you get the best of what mother earth can offer to us and maintain harmony in our surroundings.


We ensure authenticity and purity of countryside to your food by selecting only those food items which can offer the truest sense of originality.

One Land. One Us. 

Our food comes from villages of Indian Subcontinent, crafted from processes mastered over centuries and passed down over generations.

Free of modern chemicals and artificial additives, they are meant to be consumed the same way our ancestors did.

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