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Why Traditional Food?

For thousands of years our food habits have evolved in the subcontinent but some things remained same-the scent of your village soil, the taste of the water which feels richer and tastier, the touch of the grass and fields, the love of growing it, the thoughtfulness of storing it, the way our food was cooked.


We always value what we received.

Tradition we call it. Luxury it is.

It envelopes you. It is you. 

Made fresh

Our products are made fresh and packed in safe containers without harmful chemicals.

Our A2 cow ghee is inspired by traditional methods used for centuries in the subcontinent.

This gives it the fine color, taste and smell.

ghee in jars.jpg
Herbs and Spices

Get that taste and health back!

Look for products and ingredients which are naturally grown and processed.

Our family deserves the best of food.

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